Contact information of the press staff of the courts

The general email address of courts for media communication is [email protected]

Kristi Kirsberg, Head Of Communications at Courts
[email protected], tel 528 6684

Press Officers:
Annett Kreitsman (Tartu County Court, Administrative Tartu Court, Tartu Circuit Court)
[email protected], 521 3480

Viivika Siplane (Harju County Court)
[email protected], 620 0192, 5816 8806

Anneli Vilu (Tallinn Administrative Court, Tallinn Circuit Court)
[email protected], 628 2731, 5346 5095

Kristi Ehrlich (Viru County Court)
[email protected], 5302 1896

Jaanika Maasik (Pärnu County Court)
[email protected], 5348 8890

Communications Department of the Supreme Court
Arno Põder
, Press Officer
[email protected], 5563 7043