Payment of state fee

State fee means the amount of money payable to the Republic of Estonia for the performance of a procedural act. State fees are regulated by the Code of Civil Procedure (CCP), the Code of Administrative Court Procedure (CACP) and the State Fees Act (SFA).

The state fee for an act must be paid in advance. If the state fee is not paid, the court will set a deadline for payment of the state fee and if the fee is not paid when due, the petition will not be accepted or not reviewed.

Accounts and reference numbers
State fees for acts performed in court cases, share capital deposits, collateral and bail are paid to the accounts of the Ministry of Finance:

  • SEB Pank – a/c EE571010220229377229 (SWIFT: EEUHEE2X)
  • Swedbank – a/c EE062200221059223099 (SWIFT: HABAEE2X)
  • Luminor Bank – a/c EE221700017003510302 (SWIFT: RIKOEE22)
  • LHV Bank a/c EE567700771003819792 (BIC/SWIFT: LHVBEE22)

The amounts paid to these accounts go to the person’s state fees and collateral account in e-Tax Board/e-Customs. You must use the unique reference number received from the court when paying state fees.

If you submit a document via the public e-file, you can pay the related costs immediately via bank link, enclose the payment order indicating the costs already paid or receive the unique reference number required for the payment and make the payment outside the e-file.

Payments made in the public e-file are immediately linked to the unique reference number. All claims for payment of costs specified in the e-file are also shown in the person’s state fees and collateral account in e-Tax Board/e-Customs. The reference number must not be used when the state fee is paid before the performance of an act is requested. Please write the exact name of the act for which the state fee is paid in the details field when making the payment.

The bank account indicated in the ruling and the unique reference number given to the specific claim must be used for payment of the public financial claims the payment of which is ordered with court rulings. The amounts paid can be seen in the payer’s prepayment account in the register of tax payers or in the prepaid state fees and collateral account. Claims can be paid to the bank accounts of the Tax and Customs Board via the e-Tax Board/e-Customs, an Internet bank or at a branch of a bank.

Please be careful when you pay state fees, as the account numbers used for the fees related to courts, other fees and sums payable to other state authorities, and the claims subject to compulsory enforcement by the court are different.