Next week, the court hearing of an accusation of killing a teacher will begin

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Next Friday, 18 September at 10 AM, a court session will take place at Viljandi Court House to hear the criminal case of a 16-year young man accused of killing a teacher of Paalalinna School in Viljandi. In order to protect the privacy of the juvenile accused and victims, it will be a closed session, therefore no unauthorised persons will be allowed into the courtroom. The announcement of the decision will be public.

According to the current schedule, the case will be discussed in closed sessions not only on 18 September but also on 22–25 and 30 September as well as on 1 and 7 October. At that time, evidence will be examined, including hearing the testimonies of the accused, the victims and the witnesses, and any court disputes will be held. The public announcement of the decision is estimated to take place on 20 October.

Disclosure of information during the proceeding
As the case is being heard in a closed session, the law restricts any disclosure of information about the court proceedings. The Court will provide information about the proceeding by issuing press releases.

The Court will also inform about significant changes to the schedule of hearing the case, if any.  

Video recording and photographing
Video recording and photographing is not prohibited in the court house during the days of the session but no unauthorised persons will be allowed into the court room, including journalists.  

The Court asks the press to take into account clause 4.8 of the Code of Ethics for the Estonian Press when publishing photographs and videos of the juvenile accused and to ensure that the juvenile person is not identifiable. The Court also asks the press to account for the interests of the victims and the witnesses, and to record and photograph them only with their own consent; in case of juvenile witnesses, the consent of their parent or the person responsible for them is required.

The young man is accused of killing a teacher of Paalalinna School in Viljandi and of unlawful handling of a firearm and ammunition. The accused is being held in custody.

The Court will issue the next press release on 18 September after the opening session.

Krista Tamm
Press Representative of Tartu County Court, Administrative Court and Circuit Court
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