New Estonian Chief Justice is Dr. iur. Priit Pikamäe

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As of today, 13 September, the new Estonian Chief Justice is Mr Priit Pikamäe. The Estonian Parlaiment appointed Mr Priit Pikamäe to Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Estonia in May this year. According to the Estonian Courts´Act the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court is nominated for a 9 year term. 

Dr. iur. Priit Pikamäe is acknowledged as an experienced lawyer and legal scholar. His main area of expertise is intention in criminal law (psychological aspects) and alternatives of criminal procedure. He has been a member of the Supreme Court of Estonia since 2006, and Chairman of the Criminal Chamber since 2010.

Before the nomination as justice of the Supreme Court, Mr Priit Pikamäe served as judge at the first instance and appellate courts of the Tallinn region. Before his career in the judiciary, he worked at the Ministry of Justice and at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Mr Priit Pikamäe has been participating in drafting the main legislative changes of Estonian criminal procedure in past 10 years.

All previous Chief Justices in Estonian history, Mr Kaarel Parts, Mr Rait Maruste, Mr Uno Lõhmus and Mr Märt Rask, were not members of the judiciary before becoming a Chief Justice of the Supreme Court. Therefore, Mr Pikamäe is also the first Estonian Chief Justice, who has before his nomination been a judge at all of the three court instances of Estonia.

Merje Talvik
Head of the Communication Department
The Supreme Court of Estonia